Building a strong and effective team is one of the biggest challenges that any manager or leader has to rise to. Yet, it can also be a thrilling challenge that eventually gives you a great deal of satisfaction.

If you want the building of your team to be thrilling rather than boring then there are a few points that could help you along the way.

Give Them Challenges to Rise To

Everyone loves a good challenge at work, don’t they? By giving your team a challenge they can get their teeth into you can make them more excited about their roles and their prospects.

Of course, you will need to make sure that their targets are obtainable but are tough enough to really stretch them. To this end, it is a good idea to get your team members to contribute when it comes to defining their targets and challenges.

Not everyone is used to aiming for tough targets in this way, so you will want to put interesting potential rewards on offer for them. This should help to inspire them to rise to the challenge.3

Have Fun in Meetings

It is easy to think that team meetings have to be the dullest part of the week. However, it is relatively easy to make this a fun part of the week instead.

You should, therefore, spend some time thinking of ways to add some fun to these events. Maybe you could find some ice-breaker games to get things going, for example.

If you can help everyone to relax in these meetings then there is a far greater possibility that they feel comfortable contributing and giving ideas.

Celebrate Success

At times, it can be easy to get so focussed on achieving results that you forget to celebrate the successes that you achieve. This means that it is important to always remember the value of celebrating success together.

This could mean organising a special meal to mark the end of a project or it could simply be about getting everyone together to thank them and hand out awards or certificates. Show your appreciation for their hard work and let them see that this is a team that celebrates together.

Try Team Building Days and Events

It can be a fantastic idea to get out of the office for a while too. A simple change of scenery can freshen up the team, while an event such as going to cycle London to Paris for charity is a wonderful opportunity.

An exciting event can break the monotony of the work routine while also giving the team members the chance to do something exciting together. At the same time, they can learn new skills and also form stronger bonds.3

There are many different corporate team building events and challenges to try out, with many ways of gaining a great experience while doing something worthwhile too.

Help Them to Develop Their Skills

It is extremely gratifying to watch a team member grow and develop their skills. This can be one of the most satisfying things about being a manager and should inspire you to train them as well as possible.

The starting point for doing this is to speak to each person and find out their hopes and dreams for the future. In this way, you can help them to decide which new skills they most want to learn.

Once this has been done, it is then a question of helping them learn what they need in the way that best suits them. By offering encouragement and support along the way you can help them to fulfil their potential while becoming a more useful team member.

Find Solutions Together

It is also a fantastic idea to try to find solutions together as a team. If you let everyone understand what your overall objectives are then they will feel more a part of the team and the business.

On the other hand, if you don’t give them a chance to do this they might not buy into your goals and objectives. Not everyone can come up with useful solutions but you might be surprised at how good some of your team members are at helping you to do this.

Don’t stick to the same old ways of building a team when there are so many other interesting approaches to try. Give a few of the above ideas a try and you should find that going to work become more of a pleasure for you and for everyone else too.