ValueMags, a popular North American marketing agency for magazines, has been analyzing the various acquisition metrics to better their online marketing strategies for their client (magazine publishers). Although magazine publishers are mostly known and popular, they have many products and many issues of those products which can be hard to delegate. This is why ValueMags came into business and has since taken on dozens upon dozens of North American magazines to brand and market online.

It is essential that ValueMags factor acquisition metrics into their web analytics and reporting because they are some of the most telling numbers about where websites traffic comes from. That traffic and those statistics can then tell ValueMags which mediums to use more often. Below are the various ways clients can find your business and what it means for your business:

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  1. Direst visitors – Direct visitors are individuals that have gone directly to your website on the navigation bar at the top of their browser. This means that clients are searching for something specific and already know about your business. The issue with these types of searches is that cookies cannot be used so you cannot be tracked. Therefore, these searches are not telling of where your traffic came from.
  2. Referring sites – Referring sites are when there is a link to your website going back to your website on another page. Many times, companies have articles written about them that have links going back to their page as a reference. These links can build image and build up a company’s search engine optimization (SEO).
  3. Search engines – These are the most telling types of acquisition metrics because Google and other search engines can build a profile about you which is directly linked to which results show up when you look up key words.

The two last acquisition metrics are the most telling for companies to refine their strategies and customize them for each file like ValueMags does for their client’s individual magazines. For more information about ValueMags, click the link provided above.