One of the best parts of having a big and beautiful garden on your property is that on a sunny day it is the perfect spot for hosting a party. You can serve drinks and food out in the sunshine and lounge in your outdoor eating area.

So, how can you create a space that is ideal for a garden party?

Here are some tips for creating the ultimate al fresco entertaining space:

  • Think about the overall style and feel that you want your garden dining space to have. Do you want it to be swanky and elegant, or cosy and quirky? Do you want it to have a retro feel or do you want it to look very modern? Of course, the answer to this will depend on the décor of the rest of the house as well as your personal taste.
  • Think about how many guests you have over to your average party so that you can design a garden that will have enough seating for everyone. Adding in one long bench rather than individual chairs can be a great way to seat more people.3
  • When you are buying your garden furniture, sit down in it before you buy it so that you can test out how comfortable it is. Sometimes garden furniture can look good but not be very comfortable, so your guests won’t enjoy using it. Keep looking until you find something that is beautiful and comfortable.
  • Look for materials that will stand up to the elements and will be able to withstand rain, wind, sun and other factors. Cedar is a great choice, as well as metal, teak and wicker. These great materials will look beautiful for years.3
  • Also, look for materials that are easy to clean. The less time you have to spend cleaning your outdoor dining area, the better.
  • You can look for outdoor furniture in neutral tones, then find colourful accent pieces such as cushions, umbrellas and other accessories to add a splash of bright colour.
  • It is definitely worth investing in quality when it comes to creating your outdoor space. You get what you pay for and that cheap plastic furniture will become worn and brittle very quickly. Good quality items will be a better investment in the long term.
  • Create a part of the garden that is covered, either by an umbrella or the shade of a tree. This gives your guests a spot to escape from the sunshine and stay cool on a very hot day.
  • Have a gate at the back of the garden if possible, so that people have another way to enter rather than coming through the house. This makes the garden more accessible and there are plenty of options for beautiful and stylish gates in North Wales.
  • Candlelight can be a great lighting option that really sets a romantic mood. Make sure that the candles are placed safely away from any vegetation or flammable materials and that you blow them out when the night comes to an end. Other great options are Christmas lights and Chinese lanterns.
  • Think carefully about where you place your barbeque. It should be in a safe place so that it is not a smoke or fire hazard, but it should be close enough to the seating area so that you can cook while socializing.
  • Why not add a hammock? If there is room for it, this is a great addition to your outdoor lounging area. Everyone loves to chill out in a hammock and it’s also a great place to take a nap after the party is over.
  • Consider having an outdoor sink where you can prepare food or wash hands, so that you don’t have to keep going back in the house. Talk to your plumber merchant in North Wales about this possibility as you may be able to easily install one in your garden.

Keep these tips in mind when you are designing your outdoor entertaining space, so that you can create the perfect garden for hosting parties. Then, all that’s left is to invite your friends over for the ultimate garden party and hope that the sunshine sticks around!