The UK has long been known as a place where some weird and wild sports are carried out. These days, the country has a fascinating mixture of historic sporting events and new challenges for you to check out.

Which of the following sporting events do you think would be most exciting to watch or to take part in?

Cheese Rolling

Running down a steep hill behind a wildly bouncing cheese has got to be one of the most invigorating and enjoyable activities around. The most famous event of this type is carried out at Cooper’s Hill near Gloucester.

This historic event has been getting ever more popular over recent years and now attracts eager competitors from around the world. It is common for the cheese chasing competitors to get injured while hurtling down the steep slope but that doesn’t stop people from lining up to do it each year.3

Bog Snorkelling

Another wacky and interesting British sport that has gained a lot of publicity in recent years is called bog snorkelling. This started out in Llanwrtyd Wells in Wales back in 1976.

The first World Bog Snorkelling Championships were then held there in 1985 and they now take place on the August Bank Holiday every year. If you want to take part then you will need flippers and you will also want to use car boot liners to avoid messing up the inside of your car afterwards.

The popularity of this sport has led to bog snorkelling events now being held in numerous different countries. Having said that, the Llanwrtyd Wells version remains the classic event of its type.

Pancake Race

The traditional British pancake race is something that has captivated the public’s imagination for centuries. This event typically takes place on Shrove Tuesday and the most famous race has been held in Olney in Buckinghamshire since the 15th century.

The rules for this event are a good deal stricter than you might think, with a dress code that has to be followed. The pancake race is usually carried out by female competitors, with any man who wants to take part having to dress up as a woman.

Running while tossing pancakes isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you plan to take part in one of these events then it is definitely a good idea to get some practice time before the big day comes around.3

Woolsack Races

The home of the traditional Woolsack Races is in Tetbury in Gloucestershire. This Cotswolds town has a proud heritage in the wool trade and this is what has led to this iconic race taking place here every year.

The event can be traced back to the 17th century and is held at the end of May. The competitors need to go up a steep hill while carrying a heavy sack filled with wool.

Shrovetide Football

If you want a genuinely thrilling sporting event then the Shrovetide Football match held in Ashbourne is hard to beat. This crazy game sees teams known as the Up’Ards and the Down’Ards play a gruelling two day long match all through the town.

This is another very historic sporting event that has been going strong since the 17th century. The two goals are some 3 miles apart and with huge teams on either side it is no surprise that few goals are scored.

While the game is hugely popular among the locals, visitors can also take part if they are brave enough. You will definitely want to use Volvo boot liners or some other model of boot protector to keep your muddy gear from getting your car dirty after the game.

World Tin Bath Championships

If you want to row your tin bath against other competitors then you need to get to Castletown in the Isle of Man. This terrific event raises a lot of money for charity every year and now sees people from all over the planet come to take part.

It is run by the Castletown Ale Drinkers Society and usually over a hundred people take part. The event has now been run for more than 4 decades, with no sign of if slowing down or losing its appeal any time soon.

It is normal to see a few of the contestants sink into the water in their tin bath, which is part of the slapstick fun of this event.

The UK is packed full of fun events like this where you can let your hair down and enjoy a unique sporting experience and a great day out.