If you’re in the business of selling things, whether it’s in a physical location, an online one, or both, then you might appreciate that there are certain tasks to which your workforce is not suited.You wouldn’t, for example, ask a cashier to install a new point of sale system.And, if you’re running a supermarket where fresh food is being prepared and sold, you wouldn’t ask a fishmonger to pitch in with loading and unloading your internet shopping trucks.

The reason for this might seem obvious:By having certain members of staff concentrate only on specific tasks, they’re able to build and develop the necessary skills, and thereby become competent.And once they’ve become competent, they’ll become less stressed.

Unfortunately, as self-evident as this logic might be, it’s quick to be abandoned when it comes to certain sorts of task – usually administrative ones.Let’s examine some of the ways in which a retailer might benefit from hiring outside help for certain tasks.


As we’ve mentioned, people who perform tasks more often are more likely to become better at them.And thus, if we hire an outside expert to do a certain task which isn’t often performed, like financial or retail auditing, then we’re likely to benefit from an increased level of expertise.After all, the specialist will have performed the task every day, and they’ll thus have a better understanding of what’s required, and be able to better intuit ways in which the task might be performed better in future.3


But the relationship between doing a task often and improving at it isn’t always one-to-one; there is a clear difference between performing a task and practicing it with a view to improving subsequent performances.That’s why you might go and play tennis every weekend, and still find your performance stagnating – unless you’re committed to identifying errors and correcting them, perhaps with the help of an expert coach, then you’re likely to be unable to find areas ripe for improvement.

A specialist field sales agency will be able to identify such areas by constantly analysing their performance in search of trends, identifying inefficiencies and eradicating them.If a particular member of your staff is given a task every year, then the details of how the task was last performed and how it might be performed better might not immediately spring to mind.Specialisation allows staff to constantly evaluate their own performance and discover areas ripe for improvement – which is why when a quality outside agency returns to your premises after a period of time, their approach to the task might seem subtly – or sometimes not so subtly – different.


Another area of improvement worthy of mention is the technology used to perform a task.In the world of retail analytics, we’ve access to an unprecedented amount of data about customer behaviour, allowing retailers to make adjustments to their approach in order to get the best from their marketing.3

Specialist field marketing firms, suffice to say, have access to the economies of scale necessary to invest in substantially superior technology.As they’re working on behalf of a number of different firms, rather than being just a small component of one, they’re able to develop bespoke software, and invest in specialist hardware.When you see a rep from your

field marketing agency wielding their tablet computer in front of your display, and then later delivering up-to-the-minute details of the progress of a product recall to your email inbox, you’re benefiting from effectively pooling your resources with dozens of other firms to create an independent, lean and efficient specialist department shared between all of you – which helps to push up standards across the industry.

Demonstrations and Samples

In order to maximally demonstrate the benefits of some products, it might be necessary to hire a dedicated performer who’ll demonstrate the best that the product has to offer.As we’ve seen, a demonstration such as this is best performed by a specialist, who’ll have fine-tuned the performance over many demonstrations.

Similarly, the best way to get the merits of some products across is through the use of product sampling.By giving away a small piece of your product, you’ll be able to achieve a substantial return on your investment – provided that the product is well-judged.The right field marketing agency will be able to advise you in this regard, and ensure that your sampling campaign yields the best possible results.

So, if you’re tempted to keep a specialist task in house, then why not instead consider some of the benefits of outsourcing?