Ever wonder if you can get rid of those sagging skin and fats that have been covering your lovely looking eyes making you look like tired every time? Admit it, most of us feel anxious about the fact that we have those deep groves under our eyes. Well don’t lose hope, there’s still a way to make those eyes beautiful again and make you younger even than your age. With the help of your trusted surgeon, you may avail a surgery known as eye lift surgery or blepharoplasty. A procedure that will improve the surrounding appearance of your eyelids and possibly improve your eyesight while giving you a youthful appearance.


When you decide to undergo eyelid surgery, keep in mind that the eyelid surgery cost is not only the sole consideration. You need to put serious thought into other things such as choosing the right type of surgery, picking a trusted surgeon, knowing the risks and knowing how you can promote faster recovery after your eyelid surgery trip. Here are some expert tips to a faster upper blepharoplasty scar healing:

Stick to your surgeon’s advice for recovery.

To have a faster recovery, follow the instructions given by your surgeon. They will be giving you prescriptions and advice before and after the surgery on how to take good care of your eyes until it had recovered completely.If your eyes feel sore or painful you can treat it with acetaminophen but always consult your surgeon before consuming any medicine.

Eat well and rest.

Having a healthy diet, adequate rest and being hydrated to maintain the good condition of your physical self is important to promote a speedy recovery. It is advisable to eat foods that has low sodium content.For the first two to four weeks, do not involve yourself into strenuous activities like bending, lifting and crying. This will result to increased blood pressure in your head that will lead to strain. Also, limit your time in using your phone or computer, reading, watching television and wearing contacts because this causes dryness to the eye.


Have some ice packed.

This time ice will not be used to enjoy your drinks. Use cold compress around your eyes for twenty-four to seventy-two hours after the surgery or whenever necessary.

Keep your head elevated.

After the surgery, sleep with your head higher than your chest. This is to minimize bruising and swelling that might occur in the first few days of recovery.

Don’t blink too much.

Excessive blinking of the eye may result to increased swelling. Not to worry, you are still allowed to close and open your eyes but limit it in the first few days.

Avoid alcohol consumption.

Drinking alcohol may cause fluid retention and might result to delayed recovery.

Wear Sunglasses.

Forthe first fourteen days after the surgery. Wear eye glasses with darker shade to protect the eyes from irritation caused by the wind and sun, especially when going outside or moving around the house.

To have a healthy and beautiful outcome, don’t just focus on the droopy eyelid surgery cost. It is important to find a well trained and experienced surgeon that is certified to perform the surgery. Do not hesitate to ask if you got questions. But in the long run, keep in mind that your recovery will depend on your body’s ability to heal and how you take good care of your eyes.