Finding the perfect pendant light can be difficult with so many styles and options on offer, but with Lampcommerce on hand to provide a selection of distinctive lamps to light up your home, choosing the right pendant is easy. Pendants add a style statement to any room, providing focal points for kitchen worktops, breakfast bars and living rooms.

Pendant lighting spreads lighting evenly through a room, adding the perfect glow and luminosity. When used with a dimmer, the light gives off a soft radiance setting an intimate atmosphere, a wonderful option for small gatherings, dinners and special occasions.

Inspiring designs have the power to transform the look and feel of an entire room.  Combining length and crystalline shapes, the pendant light is a unique, one-of-a-kind feature piece that captures the eye whilst incorporating easily into the room.

#1 Ease and Elegance a

These Tripla lighting system LED lights by Fabbian, designed by Devis Busato and Giulia Ciccarese, offer a distinctive example of modern design influenced by architecture and forms. The sophisticated style can be fitted into living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens, balancing a contemporary aesthetic with a simple sophistication. This classic example is versatile enough to be fitted into most rooms whilst projecting elegance, immediately uplifting the space. Colours include bronze, aluminium or anthracite grey.

#2 Delicate Design a

The Multispot Beluga square canopy lamp by Marc Sadler presents delicate design, using quality materials and classic detailing. Coming in a variety of dimensions, the length can be adjusted according to your needs.

For a dramatic effect, elongate the length of the pendants to create a stunning feature piece in your home. Mixing timeless designs the canopy lamp seamless fits into any style, from Scandinavian to ethnic and bold block colouring. For an innovative lighting option that will illuminate every home whilst adding to the ambiance, this pendant is the perfect choice.

#3 Dynamic Design

For a sense of movement and dynamism, look no further than the Mochi suspension. This lamp, with several spheres and designed by A. Saggia and V. Sommella is made from high quality white satin. It features blown glass in spheres that drop like a cascade in various heights and offers a spectacular piece for any room.

The round shapes provide a calming and relaxing tone that works well with neutral and earthy tones. The intelligent design of the pendants brings to mind falling water or raindrops, offering movement and momentum. This is a lovely antidote to the classic lamp, as this provides a modern twist whilst being a practical solution to your lighting needs. 

#4 Rustic Refinement


Artemide’s Null Vector Alfa hanging lamp by Carlotta de Bevilacqua and Laura Pessoni comes in four bold colours: white, blue, grey and red. For decorative detailing that is rustic yet elegant you can add a number of these lamps to create a panel, either keeping to the same colour or mixing and matching them.

The intricate detailing combined with the natural simplicity offer a distinctive lamp that reflects Bevilacqua’s architectural background in Milan. This versatile lamp adds a touch of warmth to any room whilst blending in to a variety of styles: from rustic, to modern and ethnic.  Add this charming lamp for a personalized take on warm and elegant design.

#5 Smooth Calming Shapes 


Your living space is your retreat from a chaotic and busy day. Therefore, why not take the edge off with these beautifully crafted Fontana Art
e, Pangen LED pendant lights, by Archivio Storico.

Ideal for parlours or kitchens, this pendant instantly modernizes the look and style of any room. Coming in an array of colours including white, black, red and green, you can also choose between the larger and smaller sizes to accommodate your needs.

The refreshing, modern design fits workspaces or contemporary living spaces, whilst providing a calming shape that perfectly complements neutral and earthy tones.