Sometimes, you will come across a MKV video that you want to watch on your computer. The problem is that the MKV video is not a widely supported video format and many popular media players can’t play it. Because of this, you have to convert it into a more widely accepted format like MP4. The only way to convert from MKV to MP4 video format is to use a video converter software like Movavi Video Converter. Unlike MKV, many media players can play MP4 videos. The portable media players for mobile devices can also play MP4 videos.

You don’t need to have any technical skill to convert MKV to MP4 as it is a simple task everyone can learn how to do. The interface in Movavi Video Converter is available in a number of languages so people whose mother tongue is not English will also be able to use it to convert their video files. Converting MKV videos to MP4 formats in Movavi Video Converter can be done in 3 steps. If the MKV videos are on your computer, you should click the Add to button to import them into the software.

If the MKV videos are on a DVD ROM, you should click on the Add to DVD button to import them. Once the video is imported, you just select the MP4 format from the Convert to drop down menu and press the Convert button. You can also convert the MKV videos into other formats like FLV, AVI, WMV and etc.

Movavi Video Converter can be used to perform basic video editing. If you want to make some changes in the video, you should first do so before converting it. You will be impressed with the quality of the video that has been converted with Movavi Video Converter. The video will play in your media player in high quality just like the original video.

Before you click the convert button, make sure you remember to set the destination path. To set the destination path, you simply click on the Browse button and select the folder where you want the converted video file to be saved. This folder will appear when the video conversion process is 100% complete so that you know where to find it. When the folder appear, you can click on the video file and play it on a media player on your computer.

It is best if you backup a copy of the original video in case you accidentally set the overwrite file setting. Movavi Video Converter is ideal for small businesses who use videos as a marketing method to promote their products. It is a small investment for anyone who frequently create and share videos online. There is no use searching for free video converter software because most of them are malware that will infect your computer with virus. It is a ­value purchase even if you just have a few MKV video files that you want to convert because you can use it again to convert other files in the future.